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Bible Bowl Competition
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The 2018 Bible Book is Daniel Chapters 1-6 for the PAW Kids,  The Book Daniel Chapters 1- 6  Juniors and The Book of Daniel Adult levels.

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2016 Oral Bible Bowl Teams Competition
Adults and Juniors placed in 3rd; the WOW Kids placed in First.
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2016 Winners of the Individual and Written Teams
WOW Kids placed in all 3 for Individuals.
Adults and WOW Kids placed in 1st for Written Teams; the Juniors placed in 3rd.

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2016 Winners of the Spelling Competition and more.
Individual Written Adult placed won 1st; WOW Kids 1st and 2nd.
Individual Spelling Competition Adults placed 3rd, Juniors 2nd, and WOW Kids1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Fine Arts Competition Individual Adult placed 3rd.
Best Team T-Shirt Competition NDC WOW Kids placed 1st.

If you would like to support our Bible Bowl Team. As you can see below, we have many winners coming from the NDC. This year we plan to take more teams to the convention. Please help to support our endeavors by donating to the goFundMe page. Thank you .

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