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NDC Forms

This page will provide you with the links for all NDC forms and flyers so that you can download them. Please be sure if the forms are front to back to set your printer or copier so that the forms are not upside down. If it's not necessary to send the forms front to back, then just set your printer or copier to single copies.
Most forms are in PDF. Some are Word or in Excel.

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Links to NDC Forms
Bishop Michael D. Hannah, Sr. Diocesan
2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop of the P.A.W.

Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church (CTAC)
1189 Main Street
Worcester, MA  01603
Website:  www.ctacministries.org

Phone: (508) 459-9002
General email: ctac.sis.val@gmail.com
NDC Forms

Blank NDC Church Council Reports This is in PDF
Blank NDC Church Council Report is in Excel

License Renewal This is in PDF
License Renewal  This is in Word

NDC Check Request This is in PDF
NDC Check Request  This is in Excel

NDC Expense Voucher This is in PDF
NDC Expense Voucher This is in Word

Region II Church Report This is in Excel

Region II Online Registration This is in PDF
Region II Online Registration This is in Word

Suffragan Bishop and District Elder Report  This is in Word

PAW Forms

PAW Ministerial License Application  This is in PDF
PAW Ministerial License Application 3rd Page (Please download this page to be included with the License Application in PDF)

PAW License Personal Information This is in PDF

Accelerated Deacon Workshop at PAW Conference   This is in JPEG

ABC Deacons Group Cert  This is in PDF

ABC Deacons Indiv Cert   This is in PDF

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